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NEMA 17 Gantry plate 2020

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NEMA 17 Gantry Plate 2020 – quick assembly of motion systems. Ideal for 3D printing, lasers, plasma, and more. Get yours now

Introducing our versatile NEMA 17 Gantry Plate –  perfect for various build designs. From 3D printing extruders to diode lasers and plasma heads, the possibilities are endless.

Product Highlights:

✅ Quick assembly of motion system

✅ Maximum mounting placement flexibility

✅ Compatible with 2020 V-Slot Linear Rail

What’s Included:

(1) NEMA 17 Gantry Plate – 2020

Product Specifications:

Unleash your creativity with the ultimate gantry plate for limitless applications!


Aluminum, Aluminum_Composite


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